Honor the culture, heritage, and legacy of the First Peoples of Los Angeles County. Help them thrive today and continue to share their invaluable culture with future generations.

“AcknowledgeRent” is a tangible way for the residents of northern Los Angeles County to make meaningful land acknowledgements through contributions to the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians. Through AcknowledgeRent, people who reside or work on our homelands can help undo the harm caused by the theft of a land base that causes ongoing ramifications for this community.

Who Pays AcknowledgeRent?

Any person who lives, works, or visits Los Angeles County or is inspired by the Tribe may contribute.

Put Action Behind Your Land Acknowledgement Through A Contribution To AcknowlegeRent.

Consider monthly contributions as a form of “rent” to the First People of Los Angeles. Every contribution helps.

Land in 1796:

1,517,440 Acres

Fernandeño Owned
Land Grants in 1843:

18,000 Acres

Fernandeño Tataviam
Owned Land in 1900 – Today:

0 Acres